Best Ear Treatments in Jaipur

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Majority of the ear surgeries are done as day care procedures.

Myringotomy and Grommet insertion

It involves making an incision in the eardrum to drain middle ear fluid and putting in a ventilation tube. This is easily done under local anaesthesia without sedation in the adult patient, and the patient may be sent home within 1 hour of the operation. Children can be treated with short general or ketamine anaesthesia and sent home as soon as they are fully awake, and after the anaesthetist's consent.


Repair of the ear drum with restoration of the middle ear hearing apparatus. This is done under local anaesthesia with sedation and the patient may be sent home when fully alert.


Removal of disease, usually cholesteatoma, from the mastoid and middle ear, with or without reconstruction of tympanic membrane and hearing apparatus. Cholesteatoma is a type of skin cyst and commonly occurs due to complication of chronic ear infection located in the middle ear. This is usually done under local anaesthesia with sedation. If the patient is apprehensive, general anaesthesia may be required as the surgery may sometimes stretch to 3 hours or more. These patients can also be sent home the same day. The patient may occasionally experience vertigo after mastoidectomy or ossiculoplasty and is sensitized about it before hand. Vertigo is a dizzy feeling or a reeling sensation as if one is about fall. In this case the patient may have to stay in the hospital for an extra day. In the normal course, they will be asked to follow up after 3 days for routine dressing and 7 days for suture removal. Stapedectomy: Surgery for restoration of hearing in otosclerosis. This is usually done with local anaesthesia and sedation. These patients can sometimes have post-operative vertigo and even vomiting. In the event of vertigo, or complicated surgery, the patient should be kept overnight, or till the patient feels better. Most patients can however go home the same day, provided travel is short and smooth. Air travel is not advisable in the immediate post operative period. Tympanoplasty and stapedectomy are only occasionally done in children. Mastoidectomy is always done with general anaesthesia and the children are usually asked to stay overnight.


Disease & Medical Conditions of External Ear

The outer part of the ear consists of the pinna (auricle) and ear canal. The basic function of the external ear is to amplify and adjust the sound frequency (around 3 kHz) and pressure (around 30-100 fold).

As described by ENT specialist in Jaipur, a common cosmetic procedure of external ear includes ear reconstruction surgery, earlobe stitching, earlobe repair surgery, etc. The frequently seen external ear diseases are earwax, ear canal eczema, swimmer’s ear, foreign objects entry into the ear, and auricular perichondritis. The symptoms of external ear problems are shooting pain, discharge, swelling, redness, etc. Do not overlook the symptoms, because, treating the infection early is the best way to prevent the possible adverse outcomes. If you feel that you are going through one or more of the above symptoms take an appointment with our leading ENT specialist, Today! And get rid of your ear problems at the earliest.

Earwax Buildup & Blockage

Earwax also known as cerumen, it is a secretion that protects the inner part of the ear of humans and the other mammal species. The secretion of the earwax signals proper functioning of special glands. This wax protects the eardrum from dust and other foreign bodies. However, if there is excessive secretion of cerumen, then the condition is called as earwax blockage.

Common symptoms of ear wax blockages are; a typical dull to shooting pain in the ear that can make you irritated. Blocked ear; you will feel somewhat heavy inside your ear. You can hear weird noises in the ear and also experience a partial hearing loss, which may vary according to the degree of the blockage.

If you experience the aforementioned symptoms, it indicates some problem with your earwax secretion which requires cleaning in a modern and safe manner. So do make an appointment with our ENT specialist at the earliest and get treated.

Dermatitis or Eczema

Dermatitis (dry flaky skin) that occurs in the ear canal (opening of the ear) and blocking the sound flow is called as Eczema. The itching of the inside ear is terrible and will make you fully indisposed and edgy. The cause of ear infection is the allergic substances or the occurrence of fungal infections inside the ear. ‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’ is the condition when dryness occurs in the earwax. Modern ENT treatment methods will help you to get rid of this medical condition of ear effectively.

Common symptoms of eczema are; Itching starts in a mild way and the patient will feel heavy within the ear. Bad smell near the ear, fluid discharge and inflammation in the ear canal. Pain starts and slowly mounts to the severe stage.Because of the blockage, the patient will experience provisional hearing loss.

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmers ear also known as otitis externa is seen mostly among swimmers or people exposed to water for long hours. This medical condition is due to water particles entering the inner part of the ear and stays there for the longer duration, making the skin damp which is suitable for the growth of bacteria and fungi to multiply.

Common symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear is; Redness and Itchy ear, Flow of odorless fluid (ear discharge), inflammation and/or Shooting ear pain, Hearing loss. When the condition progress, the patient will have trouble in opening the jaw, this could be because of the swelling of the lymph nodes. Foreign Objects in ear

This often happens to children and occasionally to adults. The foreign particles (insect, dust particles, etc.) enter the ear accidentally and will affect the ear canal leading to disruption and discomfort in hearing. Avoid taking back the entered foreign objects by greenhorn methods, which will make things worse.

Common symptoms of ‘Foreign Objects’ Entry are;

  • The individual will feel uncomfortable and anxious.
  • There will be throbbing feeling in accordance with the severity of the condition.
  • One can notice movement or sound of insects or flies.
  • If the entered body is an inert one, instead of movement, one will experience a blocked feel.

Auricular Perichondritis

This medical condition is characterized by inflammation in pinna or perichondrium (lining of pinna), but not necessarily infectious. Auricular perichondritis is often due to trauma, insect bites, ear piercings or postsurgery complications, when left untreated, will end up forming chondrites. Common symptoms of Auricular Perichondritis:

  • There will be swelling in the erythematous auricle and auricle will become warm and sore.
  • The painful, pale red colored ear is the generally noticed first symptom.
  • Infection in ear lobe.